Daily Current Affairs 25.06.2020

Daily Current Affairs 25.06.2020

Daily Current Affairs

Merger of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV

In November, 2019 a committee headed by former Prasar Bharti Chairman Surya Prakash was set up to look into the matter concerning merge of Rajya Sabha TV (RS TV) and Lok Sabha TV (LS TV). The committee submitted its report in February this year.

Now the merger procedure of the two channels is in final stages. The new merged channel will be called “Sansad TV”. The live proceedings of LS & RS will continue to be telecast but technical & manpower resources will be integrated.

The LS channel was launched in the year 2006 and RS channel in the year 2011.

Central Vista Project

It will be a 3 km stretch running from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate in the Union Territory of Delhi. The Central Vista project will include new Parliament building, secretariat, National Archive. The project will be based on innovative urban planning model.  

As per media reports the project will cost somewhere around Rs. 20,000 crore. Under the project along the British era architecture and infrastructure which was made about the century, new vista will be developed which will be based on modern scientific standards and taking into the need to present and future time.  

In a recent development some architects, historians, environmentalist, academicians & artists have written to Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) to reject the project.

Daily Current Affairs 25.06.2020 – Central Vista Project concept image

Urban and Multi State Cooperative Banks

In a bid to protect depositors’ money government is planning to bring Multi – state cooperative Banks under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Presently there are over 1500 multi – state cooperative banks with over 8.5 crore of depositors.

Under the present system of regulation, the cooperative banks come under dual regulation. Cooperative banks are formed under the cooperative acts of respective state governments and are subject to the supervision of RBI. Now, as per the new changes proposed, RBI will have complete supervision over these banks.

In the recent months many instances of irregularities have come to light (e.g. Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank – PMC), thus to protect investors/ depositors the move is being considered.

Daily Current Affairs 25.06.2020
Daily Current Affairs 25.06.2020


In a bid to provide a level playing field to the private sector and allow them to use the India space infrastructure, government has approved creation of the “Indian Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN- SPACe).

India is among a handful of nations in the world having marked their presence in the world in terms of their proven space capabilities. Now the move is to allow private players to have their participation which will give room to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) of focus more towards research and development, innovation, human space fight & inter- planetary missions etc.


In its latest plenary the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) decided to keep all countries that were under its various list up till October, 2020 in the same list. Thereby, Pakistan also remained under its Grey list.

FATF was founded by G-7 countries in the year 1989 to combat money laundering. It is an inter- governmental organization. In the year 2001 its mandate was increased and terror financing was also added in its scope.

FATF sets standards to promote effective implementation of legal, regulatory and other required measures to combat money laundering, terror financing and other activities related to these. As per its assessment FATF maintains Black list – including of countries which are involved in money laundering/ terror financing etc.; and grey list – including of countries in the legal and regulatory system of which gaps exists which can be exploited for money launder and terror financing activities.

Daily Current Affairs 25.06.2020

Global Education Monitoring Report – 2020

As per the report released by UNESCO, due to COVID-19 pandemic about 40% of low and middle – income countries have not supported learner at risk of exclusion from the access of education. Thus, due to COVID-19 pandemic education inequalities among nations have seen a rise.  

Indian GDP to 4.5% contraction

In its World Economic Outlook report – June 2020 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected that Indian economy may see 4.5% contraction in the fiscal year- 21.

The projections were made taking into view the COVID-19 situation and actions taken so far by the government.

CCEA approves Animal Husbandry Infra Development Fund

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved setting up of a rupee 15,000 crore fund for the infrastructure development for animal husbandry activities. This fund will benefit farmers producer organisations and MSMEs.

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