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#Happy Onam 2020 Images

Like the bright flowers of Pokalam, may your life be filled with bright and beautiful colours of devotion. Like the boat races of Onam, may you reach your destination with full determination. Like the elaborate feast of Onam Sadhya, may you enjoy the good food every day. Happy Onam!

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Onam is an important religious and cultural festival of India. Onam is one of the important festivals of Indian state of Kerala, celebrated in the month of Chingam. The festival of Onam is celebrated for 10 days. The festival starts on the day of Atham/Hasta Nakshatra till Thiruvonam

Onam 2020 Date

In the year 2020, the festival of Onam will start on 22nd of August 2020 and will end on 2nd of September, 2020.

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The Legend of King Mahabali and Festival of Onam

According to Hindu Mythology, Bhakt Prahlada had a grandson King “Mahabali”, who won over the 3 worlds (Deva Loka, Prithvi Loka and Patala Loka) by defeating the Gods (Devas). After the victory, Mahabali performed a Yajna. During Yajna Lord Vishnu in his Vamana (dwarf) avatar/ incarnation appear before king Mahabali to test his devotion. Lord Vamana asked Mahabali for land which Vamana will cover in 3 paces (3 footsteps). King Mahabali surprised by the wish, agreed to it.  Lord Vamana grew in size and covered everything in existence in just two steps and when left with no place for the third-foot, Mahabali offered his head to palace the third foot. Lord Vamana placed his foot on the head of King Mahabali and he went down to Pathala (hell), however, Lord Vishnu was pleased by his devotion offered him a boon to visit his land every year. The revisit of Mahabali marks the festival of Onam.

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Happy Onam 2020 Images: Download Free

In this post we have collected some Happy Oman 2020 Images, #Onam Images 2020 Wishes. You can download the Happy Onam 2020 Images from below and share them with your friends, family and other and bring the beautiful colours of blessing of this Onam to all.

#Happy Onam 2020 Images, Wallpapers

We at UpdaesZone.com wish all of you a very happy Onam 2020.

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