Happy Teachers Day Images – Teachers Day 2020

#Happy Teachers Day Images – 5th of September is every Special Day for India, as on this day the whole country celebrates its Teachers’ Day (Teacher’s Day). Teacher’s Day is a unique day which marks the contribution of teachers, mentors and gurus for the society, nation and the entire world.

Teachers, Mentors, Guru play an important role in shaping the direction of society and directing a nation towards the path of a better and a every prosperous world. Teachers Day pays respect to all teachers. In India, the day is celebrated as the birth – anniversary of one of the Indian philosophers, statesman and India Leader Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Radhakrishnan was the first Vice- President of India and the Second President of the Republic of India.

In this post we have collected some of the best Teacher’s Day (Teachers Day) beautiful cards to celebrate this Teacher’s Day (Teachers’ Day) by sending the Happy Teacher’s Day greetings/ cards to your teachers, friends, family and other to celebrate this special occasion of Teachers’ Day 2020. In this post we also have given a brief history of teacher’s day, which you can read from below to know more about teachers’ day.

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Happy Teachers Day Images 2020 – Teachers Day 2020 Card

Below given are Teachers Day Card – Teachers Day 2020 Card, which you can download from below to share the colours of This Teacher’s Day with Teachers, Friends, Family and others to make this Teachers Day unique and memorable for all. Happy Teachers Day Images.

Teacher’s Day History India

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan served India as the Second President of the Republic of India when he became President of the Republic of India in the year 1962, prior to this he was Vice- President of the Republic of India. During this period some of the friends and students of Dr. Radhakrishnan requested him asking of celebrating his birthday.

However, Dr. Radhakrishnan replied that instead of celebrating his birthday individually it would be an honour to celebrate the day as the “Teacher’s Day” in India. Thereafter, the birthday of Dr. Radhakrishnan i.e. 5th of September, is celebrated in India in honour and respect of all the teachers of India who work tirelessly towards shaping of destiny of this great nation towards a higher path. 

World Teachers Day

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since the year 1994, observe the World Teacher’s Day 5th of October.

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How Teacher’s Day is Celebrated in India

Teachers’ Day is celebrated across India. On this day school and colleges are the main grounds of celebration. During this day various events are organized in the cultural spheres, debates, lectures etc. During Teachers’ Day students teach to the junior students by giving lectures, giving class etc., Thereby performing as teacher.

This day marks a special day for teachers and on this day students and other people offer gifts, greetings etc. to teachers.

Happy Teachers Day 2020

We at updateszone.com wish you a very Happy Teachers’ Day 2020. We pay our deepest respect to all the teachers.

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Thank You! Teachers.

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