IN-SPACe – Participation of Private Players in Space Sector

IN-SPACe – Participation of Private Players in Space Sector

Context – IN-SPACe

In a recent decision the Government of India has opened up the path for entry of private sector players/ entities to be a part of Indian space programme. For this purpose, the Indian Government has approved creation of a new entity called “Indian Space Promotion and Authorization Centre” which in short will be called as “IN- SPACe”. The IN – SPACe will provide a level playing field to the private sector and allow them to use the India space infrastructure. With this the private sector will be playing active role in satellite launch and other space activities.

IN-SPACe – Participation of Private Players in Space Sector – IN-SPACe

Why Such a Move?

India is among a handful of nations in the world having marked their presence in the world in terms of their proven space capabilities. Now the move is to allow private players to have their participation which will give room to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) of focus more towards research and development, innovation, human space fight & inter- planetary missions etc.

Space sector, especially satellite launching, has shown tremendous potential in the recent years, thereby, entry of private players will make industry more competitive by reducing the overall cost of the projects, reducing the time taken in completion of the projects from inception to launch. This will help India to capture more global market share in the coming years.

With the entry of private players overall innovations, new technology and expenditure in the research and development in space sector will increase, which will help in furthering and achieving new heights in the space sector by India.

The availability of geo – spatial data will increase which & also will help government in project implementation and achieving higher economic growth.

For considering the principle of “economies of scale” it also seems logical to allow entry of private players in the sector who have capability to deliver what is needed – especially the space vehicles, satellite etc., and provide room for ISRO to do more concrete, innovative and exploration things in the space sector.

New Space India Limited (NSIL)

In March, 2019, the union Government established the New Space India Limited (NSIL), as a Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE). The NSIL functions under the administrative control of Department of Space (DOS). NSIL is a commercial enterprise, which will commercially exploit the research and development work of ISRO for economic benefits. NSIL has been authorized to manufacture Small Satellite Lunch Vehicle (SSLV), Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), marketing of space – based products etc. It is also authorized to rope in local private players/ industries for the same purposes.

IN-SPACe – IN-SPACe – Participation of Private Players in Space Sector

Antrix Corporation Limited (ACL)

It is a wholly Government of India owned corporation. It comes under the administrative control of the Department of Space (DOS). It was incorporated in the year 1992. ACL’s work is quite similar to that of NSIL i.e. to commercially exploit ISRO’s space products.

IN-SPACe – Participation of Private Players in Space Sector -IN-SPACe


Antrix Corporation Limited handles commercial deals for satellite and launch vehicle with the foreign nations/ entities/ customers. It working quite successfully since its incorporation in the year 1992.

NSIL is quite a new entrant with just over a year of working in the field. The NSIL was formed considering the changing demand of time i.e. participation of private players, so that effectively the ever-increasing demand of the space sector be met and the rising global demand in the space market be exploited for gain of the nation. Thus, NSIL primarily deals with capacity building of the local industry for space manufacturing.


ISRO already has its recognition world over in space might, the move will further pave the way for achieving new hights in the space sector. Such benefit can also be witnessed form the example of NASA and Elon Musk’s company SpaceX.

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