Sri Lanka to Draft A New Constitution

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During the inaugural session of the Sri Lankan Parliament, Sri Lanka’s President Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa has stated that Sri Lanka will draft its new constitution. The decision seems to have been taken to abolish the 19th Constitutional Amendment, that curtailed the powers of the Sri Lankan President and strengthened and empowered the role of the Sri Lankan Parliament. #Sri Lanka to Draft A New Constitution

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In the development of the constitutional history of Sri Lanka, the island nation has changed its constitution 19 times since 1978. This has led to a lot of uncertainties regarding constitutional law of the island nation.

Sri Lanka to Draft A New Constitution
Sri Lanka to Draft A New Constitution

About 19th Amendment -Sri Lanka to Draft A New Constitution

19th Constitution Amendment was passed during the regime of former President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena in the year 2015. This amendment was dubbed by some experts as a progressive step towards the Constitutional development of the island nation. The 19th Amendment was passed to strengthen the independence of the key pillars of the governance of the island nation. This amendment curtailed the executive powers of the Sri Lankan President, ensured independence of Judiciary, Public Service and election regime of the Island Nation etc.

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The 19th Amendment again put the restriction on the limit on terms a person can hold the post of President. It prevented dual citizens from contesting elections. Critics called this amendment as political step to thwarts the political rivals of the current regime from returning to power in the politics of the island nation.

About Development of New Constitution – Sri Lanka to Draft A New Constitution

Since 1978, Sri Lanka has seen 19 times changes its constitution. Sri Lanka President Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa stated that the new constitution will be a step in the direction of “one country, on law for all the people”.

The decision seeks to ensure stability of the Parliament viz a viz proportional representation system.

Right activists see the change as an attempt empower the SLPP and the Rajpaksha brothers’ mainly Buddhist – Sinhalese electorate.

The new constitution seeks to strengthen democratic process in the island nation.

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